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Diploma in Web Designing & Development

This intensive 1 year course is a great place to build your career as web developer and graphic designer. The course takes you through the advance tools and technologies of both static and dynamic website development, along with in-depth knowledge of search engine optimisation and web hositng services.

This programme is designed for freashers, students & professionals who do not have any web designing and/or development knowledge. It strats from basis and trains you in both static and dynamic website developemnt. Our faculties are from the industry and guides the student in differnet aspects of developing a great website. The course aslo teaches you how to optimise your website for search engines and get a good ranking for your customers.

Who should attend
Students, Freshers, professions and business owners who want to build a successful web development career.

niht   Live project exposure.
niht   10+ years of training experience.
niht   ISO 9001:2008 certified company
niht   How to create dynamic websites by using wordpress.
niht   How to optime your site for SEO.
niht   How to upload and make your site live on web servers.
niht   How to analyse the traffic coming to your site from different sources.
niht   Learn for the industry professionals and not just trainers.
niht   Learn the latest and most up-to-date softwares and tools.
niht   Expert advise and assistance even after completion of the course
niht   Placement assistance after sucessful completion of the course.

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Semester -1   Semester -2
Photoshop   PHP / MySQL
Getting Images into Photoshop
Understanding Tools and Tool Settings
Creating and Working with Layers
Adjusting Images
Color Adjustments to Images
Working with Filters
Using Pixel and Vector-Based Tools
Getting Images Out of Photoshop
  How to code a PHP application
About relational database with MySQL
How to use PHP with a MySQL database
How to use SQL to create a MySQL database
How to design a database
How to Use the MVC pattern to organize your code
How to test and debug a PHP application
How to work with strings, numbers and dates
How to work with form data
How to work with cookies and sessions
How to create and use functions & objects
How to send email and access other web sites
Fireworks   Jquery
About  Basic  & Vector  shapes
Format  text
Apply colors and save swatches
Blending and transparency
Creating and editing slices
About  Masking
Hotspots, image maps, and rollovers
  Adding jQuery to Your Web Pages
jQuery Syntax
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Event Methods
jQuery Effects  and  Animation
jQuery Get Content and Attributes
jQuery  Get and Set CSS Classes
HTML 5 with Dreamweaver   Wordpress
About HTML Basics tags
Working with Text & images
Working with Tables & Div Tags
Anchor & Email Link
Working with forms
HTML5 DocType
Designing a Layout using HTML5
HTML5 for Responsive Designs
About  New HTML Tags
Solving Cross-browser Responsive Challenges
  Advantages of using WordPress
Installing  and Planning your WordPress site
WordPress themes
Creating pages within WordPress
Creating customized menus
About Sliders
Advanced page options
Images in WordPress
Inserting a YouTube video into a page
Linking WordPress pages & posts
About WordPress Posts
About WordPress plugins & widgets
About Contact form
About Social media sharing
SEO in WordPress
CSS & CSS3   Adobe Muse
About Inline, Internal and External CSS
About Class Selector & ID Selector
All about CSS Syntax 
DIV + CSS Layout Design
PSD to CSS Conversion
Media Queries: Sporting Differing Viewports
About Fluid Layouts
CSS3: Selectors, Typography, Color Modes, & CSS Gradients
CSS3 Rounded Corners, Border Shadows, Text-Shadow, Transitions, Transformations & Animations
Conquer Forms with HTML5 and CSS3
  Defining a Background
Creating your site
Working With Master Pages
Adding and Styling Text
Working with Shapes and Color
Adding Images To Your Site
Working with Links and Buttons
Applying Effects, Graphic Styles, and Inserting HTML
Creating a Lightbox Slideshow
Customizing the Accordion widget
Creating a Thumbnail Slideshow
Javascript   Adobe Animate Edge
Core Language
Fundamental  of Client-Side JavaScript
Java Script Loops, Objects, Events
Form Handling
Dynamic Effects: Rollovers, Positioning, and Animation
Advanced JavaScript
JavaScript code and PHP
  Creating Graphic and Importing Art
Designing Animation
Refining Animation and Adding Complexity
Adding Basic Interactivity
Embedding Media and Advance Interactivity
Publishing and Responsive Design
SEO and Analytics   Hosting and Uploading
What is SEO
Using Different types of keywords
What are search engines
Page Optimization
What is Google analytics?
Why analytics is so important?
Introduction to adwords & PPC advertising
  Web Hosting Basics
Types of Hosting Packages
Using Control Panel
Creating Emails in Cpanel

With the digitalisation of the world and increased sales and turnover of the online stores the need for quality web designers and developers are increasing day by day.

The career prospect of web designers and developers with knowledge of SEO are very bright and they have different options in front of them i.e.

niht   You can work as a web developer with knowledge of SEO and google analytics in a company and earn lucrative
niht   You and work as a freelancer, if you intent to work for youself and make good money.
niht   You can also work as a consultant, by sharing your expertise and get retainership from different companies.
niht   You and become SEO specialist and bring traffic to your customers website and analyse the same for better
       customer response.

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