The era in which the unexpected things came true. The time in

which the race towards reaching the next higher peak of technology is

almost unimaginable. The time where we have started launching cars into

space. Mars doesn’t seem to be so far now. In such fast-moving

technologies the old and wise part of these techs struggled to keep their

roots strong, the Facebook and Google, the so-called fathers of these

technologies and thus they keep on introducing new things.

Few of Launches facebook were as per the following

1) Confetti –

Facebook dispatches its first game show which will empower the watchers to win Rs 3 lakh for consistently. This show was to be pushed on June 12, 

which would be unveiled live five days from 

Wednesday to Sunday. It was first displayed in the US; 

the show was later introduced into UK, Canada, Mexico, 

Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Manish Chopra official and Head of Organizations, Facebook India. 

" This is the first of altruistic live canny illustrate that is away for structure organize together. It has seen 

achievement in various South Asian countries as of now." 

The show unites the intensity of traditional 

Stimulation groups with the social segments of video on Facebook.

This is Facebook’s first authority to appear in India.

2)  New Design 

Facebook at the yearly F8

gathering in California uncovered its new plan that

spotlights on Gatherings include.

This was the greatest change over the most recent 5 years.

Individuals by and large avoid posting things

publically so this element will assist them with

connecting them with their loved ones effectively.

3) Market research App. –

Facebook tracks application information as a byproduct of

monetary incentives. This application is not

appropriate as it gets into the existence of

individuals, following their everyday information.

Apple even announced that it had abused its terms

and conditions and was getting to a lot on private


4) Branded content on Instagram ads 

– The way consumers use Instagram to

Know about new products and trends make Instagram perfect for marketers.

Instagram introduced new branded content ads that make it possible for brands

to turn organic posts into ads. This new advertising format uses posts from other

content creators. These promoted posts

will help boost the range of branded products on Instagram.

5) Cryptocurrency 

In March 2018, Facebook was mounted by the Cambridge Analytical

scandal. Over 50 million Facebook users got their data compromised in one of

the worst data privacy breaches in history. In December 2018, news came out that

Facebook is building a cryptocurrency which will make it easy for them to transfer

money on WhatsApp. The currency is going to be focused on India since they have 400

million WhatsApp users. To make sure that the currency is not as volatile as traditional

crypto, this one will be a stable coin. Finally, in June 2019, Facebook formally announced

Libra and released its whitepaper. The coin is set for a 2020 launch.

6) Improvement in comment ranking system 

The comments section on public posts is

usually a pool of hatred, bigotry, spam, and irrelevance. Even by the (low) standards

of the internet, Facebook comments are famously awful. And bad comments aren’t only

unpleasant to read, they can also actually reduce the credibility of the content they are

commenting on. Now Facebook is launching a comment ranking system to tackle this problem. Comments on public posts by Pages or individuals with many

Followers will be ranked, to show the most appropriate and highest quality comments at the top.

New Google Launches 

Google is a multinational company founded in 1998; it is the most used search engine all over the world.

It has launched various software and application, few of them are as follows

1)  Anthos 

Google reported the general

accessibility of Anthos, a venture half and half, and

multi-cloud stage Anthos is not quite the same as

other open cloud administrations. It’s an item as well

as an umbrella brand for various administrations

lined up with the topics of utilization modernization,

cloud relocation, half breed cloud, and multi-cloud

the board

2) Chrome protection –

Google dispatches 2

new highlights to shield chrome from malignant and

deceiving sites. This component offers a simple

method to report suspicious sites, this new

expansion is called a suspicious site reporter.

3) On Hub router

Google On Hub router is a wireless residential router offered by

Google Inc. The variants are made by TP-Link and ASUS. Google’s official

tagline for it is ”We’re streaming and sharing in new ways our old routers were

never built to handle. Meet On Hub, a router from Google that is made for all

how you use Wi-Fi “. In 2016, Google discharged the Google Wi-Fi router.

On Hub conveys more grounded Wi-Fi connections and quicker speed for each gadget.

That implies smoother streaming, slack free gaming, and lightning-brisk downloads.

Besides, it associates with more than 100 gadgets at the same time and covers 2,500 square feet of your home.

4) Tez

 Tez was a mobile payments app by Google, targeted to people in India. It

was changed to Google Pay in August 2018. It can be used where UPI payments

are accepted. It can be used on the majority of smartphones (with apps for both

Android and iOS) with the app supporting Hindi, English, Bengali, Telegu

Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, and Tamil with more languages to come soon.

5) Bolo

Google has introduced a reading-tutor app called Bolo for smartphones

to help children in backward areas of India with their reading skills. With

the reach of smartphones rising in India, Google would be looking to use the app to

expand its presence in the country. The app is to help children who are unable to

go to schools. This app can be installed for free from the

Google Play Store. The app also works offline and does not require an active

internet connection. The app also gives instant feedback.

Thus, even though Google and Facebook are the strongest

companies in the world, it keeps on bringing something new to the table.