Pay Per Click

Search engines are incredibly popular advertising platforms. Which has gained popularity in recent years. After Google’s introduction to Quality of ads, PPC management has become quite difficult. Just placing a bid is not enough as many different factors affect your ad rank.

PPC Management

Management is no rule of thumb and so is PPC Management the experience and constant engagement with search, ads have given us the exposure to identify the do’s and don’ts of the platform.

Quality Score

This parameter is the other side of the coin for PPC, quality score multiplied to the price determines the ad rank in the search result.

Landing Page Management

Homepage and landing page are made from two different philosophies one gives the first impression of the company the other tries to convince to buy the product/service.


We have made a countless number of search campaigns, in brutally competitive space. We know how to navigate our way through the clutter/crowd for better results.