Founded in 2005, NIHT has been catering to all the digital desires of a Company.
We here are a pack of marketers who specialize in different domains of Digital marketing. Our headquarters is in Kolkata but it has spread its roots across east India in cities like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and Guwahati.


All our brand campaigns revolve around the idea of making a long-haul sway in the minds of the audience. We do not believe in momentary marketing gimmicks. With an experience of over 10 years, we unequivocally accept that a competent campaign, ought to solve two purposes.

One, to increase the sales of the organization and second to make a social identity for a brand. We pursue an approach that includes consolidating both the purposes. We make a social personality for a brand which lifts the closeout of the organization and of course helps in brand review and altruism as well.


NIHT’s sole purpose is to harvest the power of digital marketing and spread it across industries. The potential and reach of digital marketing are enormous yet complex, we make easy for our clients and train them in harnessing their business full potential.


Secret Sauce

Our Response time

We are quick. Building ongoing reports, fashioning close ties with media, and foretelling new and up and coming patterns enable us to spot openings, along these lines empowering us to give increased ROI as we broaden our compass towards new target markets.

Our Expertise

Having more than a decade of digital experience in India, we know the tips and hacks of our environment. Our company has 15+ years of experience in the industry that has come to India a decade ago. Before the digital boom we still used to be a marketing company, we were a part of digital revolution and one of the driving forces of it.

Our Ambition

We’re continually going for a superior tomorrow. As we push ahead with honour winning efforts, best in class mastery, and exceptionally energetic client administration, we ensure that we never come up short and cut out more up to date conceivable outcomes.